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[22 Sep 2004|06:42am]
I'm preparing to spend the next couple months doing work, promoting, being away from Paul, being away from Erin. It's strange to think how time consuming loving two human beings unconditionally can be. By no means am I trying to say that being a wife and a mother is a task, it's a blessing. I couldn't think of anything I've ever been more pleased with. Pride doesn't come from watching a movie I've done or seeing a list of credentials behind my name, it comes from spending time at home and watching my daughter grow up and watching the way that Paul acts around her. If you had known the two of us before Erin was born, you'd know that we weren't exactly ideal candidates for parenthood. We were both immature, fought constantly, went into jealous rages. Sometimes it was my fault, sometimes it was his, but in the end we'd wind up forgiving and forgetting. It's strange how parenthood forces you into maturity. The only arguments we've had since Erin was born have been concerning her. She's almost two years old. She runs around the house, we've childproofed 50 times at least. It all went so fast and I wouldn't change a day of it.

Marla and I have been playing voicemail tag trying to set up a playdate between Erin and the twins. Paul and I have a date this week, Ben offered to come over and babysit. He does that maybe 2 or 3 times a month which is really wonderful. It's nice to get out of the house and just spend nights with Paul from time to time. This isn't half as emotional as I thought it would be, but it's 3:30 in the morning. Shoot me.
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[11 Aug 2004|06:10pm]
My daughter was born on March 12, 2003. She's a little over a year old now. She yells and screams, she has teeth. She loves her daddy and hates it when we don't put on cartoons in the morning. If you told me two years ago that I was going to marry Paul Fried, I would have shot you out of sheer disgust. Now, actually I can honestly say that I've never been more satisifed in my life. I'm twenty-seven years old and I've got this family now and this family is all I've ever needed or wanted. We've got friends with kids, we visit, we laugh. Sometimes we sit and think about how volatile our past used to be and we laugh. Ben comes over on weekends and we make him smoke his pot in the basement and I cook while Erin's asleep and he and Paul bitch over the Angels playing a shitty game. So that's what I've been doing for the past year and a half. How have you been?
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